The singers are people of all ages connected with love of choral singing, eager to have creative rest and to develop one’s choir abilities. Rehearsals Everyone with musical feeling, talnet and who likes choir is welcome.

The rehearsals are held two times a week on Mondays and on Wednesdays from 7:00 – 9:30 p.m. at the Faculty of Architecture SUT in Bratislava, Námestie Slobody.

Repertoire was as usual outlined in a way to spread the reputation of the Slovak choral school and the music culture. During its existence, the choir produced choir pieces of the world and the Slovak composers and it realised artistic adaptations of folk songs and pop music as well. The conductors chose compositions to dramaturgy that were difficult from the musical point of view, but were attractive for the audience. The choir life includes a lot of travelled kilometers at the occasion of concert tours within the scope of Europe, as well as sufficiently appreciations from home and foreign music festivals. TEMPUS performances represent regularly a variety on festivals and social events, especially in Bratislava and environs. The most valuable appraisal for the choir is, first of all, an interest and satisfaction of audience.