At the present time the choir is conducted by Juraj Chlpik. His experience as an artist and, especially, as a singer was gained while he was a member of several significant ensembles. He is a member, up to the present time, of the Slovak Choir Adoremusr. In the past he cooperated with the Lúčnica choir, The Choir of Conservatoire in Bratislava, The External Opera Choir of the Slovak National Theatre, The Slovak Chamber Choir, The Bratislava City Choir and with the Slovak Philharmony Choir.

 His music education was acquired at the Basic Art School in the town of Vráble and he also finished his privat study of singing with Professor Jana Billová. He conducts choir from 2008, when he started to lead The Choir TEMPUS.


Previous conductors

In the past the choir was led by the coductors Jozef Potočár, Peter Cón, Róbert Faltus, Zuzana Žňavová, and Katarína Krupová. Marián Vach, Peter Hradil, Juraj Jartim, Pavol Bagin, Ján Miškovič, Janka Rychlá – those are the conductors, who worked with TEMPUS for a short time.

For relatively long time, also the vocal pedagogue Ladislav Gubka worked with singers.